My name is Tanya Gizzarelli, graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology and currently an Assistant Editor with MTV Networks/LOGO. Throughout my four years of education in the School of Film and Animation at Rochester Institute of Technology, I have worked on various projects requiring attention to detail, specific knowledge of computer programs to aid in the completion of animation, and being able to work well with others. I can proudly say that I have done all of these.

With a Bachelor in Fine Arts, as well as acquiring a double minor in the Spanish and Italian Language, I hope to pursue a successful career in animation, working on character animation and motion graphics, as well as editing.

I am always working on projects, so as I finish them, my website will be updated. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or want to learn more about me.

udience, with the use of interesting angles, tonals, and music for the timing of the piece. Also practiced in the class were traditional methods of camera moving and layout techniques.

Hidden Treasure

Artwork and renders here are a part of my senior thesis for RIT’s School of Film and Animation graduation requirements. All Seniors are required to work on a year long project, which can include producing, directing, and animating a film. My film, “Hidden Treasure,” is a 2D computer cutout short of a little girl seeking hidden treasure from a bedtime story. The puppets are being animated in After Effects and incorporated into 3D backgrounds, also done in After Effects.

Sarah and Haras

This film was completed as a collaborative animation between RIT student Maggie O’Connor and myself. We were allotted 10 weeks to complete the 3:45 animation, using two different styles of animation. Maggie animated the traditional hand-drawn animation, while outlining and coloring it. I animated the 2D computer animation and also colored and outlined the hand-drawn animation. Final character sketches were developed by myself.


Artwork was completed as a project based solely on pre-production. The following are character sketches, action poses, and scenario representations of a would be short, “Indecision,” an animation of what it takes to make even an easy decision.


This 2D hand-drawn animation was completed within two-quarters. Included are various character designs for the characters, and layouts for the animation, including the inside of a subway and corner streets.